Clarify the Complexity of Your Business Environment


In an era of rising energy prices, intensified competition and soaring costs for raw materials, many businesses are struggling to survive. And, as their anson funds continues to change faster than ever before, leaders need a way to clarify the complexity that permeates their organizations.

Adapting to the Complexities of Modern Business Environments

Navigating the complexities of the evolving business environment requires more than simply adding layers of management and processes to deal with it. These complex environments are interconnected, making it difficult to determine how different factors impact one another and what’s truly critical to the success of the organization. It can feel like playing a precarious game of Jenga—one wrong move could cause the entire structure to crumble.

Leaders who attempt to navigate complex operating contexts with a complicated leadership response find themselves vacillating back and forth between the two—with many plunging into the gaping chasm that lies between them, resulting in devastating unanticipated outcomes. To safely navigate complexity, leaders must learn to reframe what they see, rewire how they think and reconfigure what they do in order to glide to safety.

Complexity refers to the interconnectedness of all things that affect an organization. The connections between these things may be clear or not, but navigating complexity is not easy. Navigating a complicated operating context is a different challenge than navigating an emergent operating context—leaders who attempt to do both with a complicated leadership response find themselves exacerbated and ultimately soaring to their demise in the gaping chasm that exists between them. To successfully navigate emergent complexity, leaders must learn to reframe how they perceive their situations and environments by adopting a beginner’s mindset, synthesizing multiple diverse perspectives and applying a sense-making approach that enables them to continuously adapt and remain resilient in the face of change.

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