Hyperwell Physiotherapy Clinic – Hand and Upper Limb Rehab Therapy in Ryde


With upper limb rehab therapy in Ryde Hyperwell is a physiotherapy clinic in Ryde that specialises in hand & upper limb rehab therapy. Their therapists are highly qualified and experienced, and their treatment style is detail-oriented and goal driven. They work closely with their clients to resolve the most pressing issues in a short period of time while maintaining a friendly banter. They are able to provide effective treatment for various conditions including sprains, tendon injuries, joint problems and more.

Improving Mobility: Upper Limb Rehab Therapy in Ryde

To assess the effectiveness of home-based upper limb rehabilitation interventions on improving hemiparetic arm function in stroke survivors, we conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis. We retrieved and analysed the results of studies that were published between 2000 and 2008. Two reviewers assessed eligibility according to the following criteria:

The correlation between patients’ OT action completion scores and muscle strength grades was analysed. Three senior rehabilitation specialists independently graded the patients’ muscle strength using the Lovett muscle strength grading standard (grade 0 indicates no movement, while grade 5 means that the patient performs the task normal against full resistance compared with healthy individuals).

Physiotherapy is a health profession focused on promoting, maintaining and restoring movement and physical function through the use of different techniques and strategies. Physiotherapists use their knowledge of anatomy, physics and biomechanics to diagnose and treat injuries and chronic illnesses. They specialise in restoring movement and physical function by using hands-on manual therapy, exercise, education and activity-based approaches to help you recover.

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