Long Lasting Vehicle Charging Bay Markings


long lasting vehicle charging bay markings

Long-lasting vehicle charging bay markings are vital in helping to promote sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices, particularly within the realm of transportation. This particular type of pavement marking is designed to clearly indicate where EV (electric vehicles) charging stations are located, so that drivers can easily find them. These markings are made from a preformed thermoplastic material that is highly durable and resistant to wear and tear from vehicular traffic and pedestrians, making them the ideal solution for a variety of different outdoor parking areas.

Efficiency and Safety: How Markings Enhance Vehicle Charging Points

As the demand for electric vehicles in Southport continues to rise, it’s becoming more important than ever to provide proper parking bay marking and signage to signify the availability of charging stations. The right markings will improve visibility, prevent non-EV drivers from occupying these spaces, and ensure compliance with local regulations.

Whether you’re looking to install new EV spaces in your business’s parking lot or simply refresh the existing ones, G-FORCE(tm) is the team for the job. Our crews use premium traffic paint and specialised equipment to quickly and efficiently apply EV parking bay markings to asphalt or concrete surfaces.

These markings are typically coloured green, so that they’re easily visible to electric vehicle drivers. They may also be accompanied by signs that specify the parking space is reserved for EVs only, to help prevent non-EV drivers from accidentally occupying them and potentially blocking the flow of traffic. Additionally, a “J1772” symbol may be included on the sign to indicate that the charging station is compatible with EVs using the same connector type.

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