When Should You Hide Facebook Comments?


Sometimes getting negative, spammy, or self-promotional comments on a post can be an uncomfortable experience, especially when managing a page for a business. It may be tempting to slap back, or even block the person who wrote it but this can be counterproductive and close off lines of communication. Instead, hiding a comment from view can help. Hiding facebook comments does not notify the person whose comment was hidden but it will remain visible to anyone who isn’t their friend (as well as any replies to the comment).

When Should You Hide Facebook Comments?

If a post contains hate speech, inappropriate language or photo content, it’s best to hide the comment rather than delete it entirely. Doing so will not only ensure your page looks professional but also gives a message to others that you are willing to accept constructive criticism.

It’s also important to remember that hiding comments from public view does not prevent people from reporting them or deleting the comment on their own. It’s a good idea to keep in mind that you can always unhide a comment later on, or report it especially if the comment violates community standards.

If you would like to unhide a comment, simply go to the comment and click on the small three dot menu and select “Unhide comment”. When the comment is hidden, it will be grayed out but will still be visible to the person who wrote it as well as their friends, and any future replies that are nested within this comment will be hidden too.

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