Who Sells Native Cigarettes Near Me?


Who sells native cigarettes near me is a serious health concern for indigenous people, and native smokes are designed to help curb the epidemic. Native cigarettes feature unique tobacco blends and traditional designs, which appeal to some smokers. But the industry is facing challenges as well.

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After years of fighting a losing battle against New York state for the right to tax name-brand cigarettes sold on Indian reservations, many tribes now manufacture their own brands and sell them at cut-rate prices in their convenience stores. The Cuomo administration has done little to test or enforce a new law, enacted last month, that allows the state to demand taxes from wholesalers that supply nationally known cigarettes to Indian retailers for resale. The wholesalers must pay up front, and the state is supposed to recoup the money from the retailers later.

The Oneidas, for example, bought a private cigarette maker, Sovereign Tobacco, and moved the equipment into a nondescript metal warehouse down the street from their longhouse in Erie County. Now they offer the Oneidas brand in their SavOn convenience store chain and at Turning Stone Resort and Casino, where revenue is up compared with a year ago.

The Cayuga, Seneca and Onondaga nations also produce their own brands, which they sell in their convenience stores and at their retail outlets. The state tax department says national-brand sales at Indian outlets are down, and the Oneida, Seneca and Onondaga tribes have vowed to stop selling Marlboros, Camels and other brand names once their stocks run low.

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