A Walking Tour With a French Speaking Guide in Rio de Janeiro


With its stunning natural landmarks and fascinating history, Rio is well worth a visit. The best way to get your bearings and soak up the atmosphere is on a walking tour with one of the many reputable local guides who work to demystify this city.More info :guidefrancophoneriodejanero.com/

Our guide Fabio, who is also a dancer and musician, will show you the hidden gems of this vibrant city. He’s got a passion and knowledge for the area that is infectious. Seeing Rio this way will make your experience more authentic and you’ll see layers of the city that the guidebooks don’t mention.

Beyond Language Barriers: Exploring Rio de Janeiro with a French Guide

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Corcovado is perhaps the most famous landmark but there are other museums and landmarks to explore too. For instance, the Museu Carmen Miranda is a museum about this iconic actress and singer who was a national icon in the 1940s and 50s with her pineapple-and-banana hat. Other museums include the Casa da ndia in Copacabana which is an Art Deco building; the Centro de Arte Moderno in Ipanema is a contemporary art gallery; and the Museu do Indio is a museum about Brazil’s indigenous peoples (polos indigenous).

For music fans there are a number of great traditional samba, choro and bossa nova venues around the city. Some of them are open to the public and can be found by reading the weekly bathing bulletins (boletim de praia) published in the city’s newspapers. Then there are the more conventional samba clubs and restaurants that cater to tourists. Many foods that in other places are eaten with the hands are eaten with knife and fork in Rio, or wrapped in a napkin (for example pizza).

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