Get to know Romeo

More about Romeo Watson

Romeo Watson is a passionate philanthropist and social entrepreneur. He has dedicated his life to helping others achieve their dreams and pursue their passions. He currently works as the Executive Director of The MacRae Foundation, a charity organization that provides grants to individuals and organizations in need.

Prior to joining The MacRae Foundation, Romeo ran several of his own businesses, including an e-commerce startup and a digital media company. His entrepreneurial spirit enabled him to succeed in the business world, but it was his passion for helping others that drove him into philanthropy.

At The MacRae Foundation, Romeo leads the organization’s fundraising efforts and manages the grant-making process. He also serves as a mentor to the foundation’s numerous volunteers and grant recipients, providing them with invaluable guidance and support along their journey. In addition, he develops partnerships with other philanthropic organizations across the globe in order to maximize The MacRae Foundation’s impact on those in need.

Outside of work, Romeo is an avid traveler who loves exploring new cultures around the world. He also enjoys reading books about history and philosophy, as well as playing music—an old hobby of his since childhood.

Through his leadership at The MacRae Foundation and his unwavering commitment to helping others, Romeo Watson is making an incredible difference in people’s lives every day—one donation at a time!