Last Minute Hotel Deals



If you’re planning a trip, but need to lock down a hotel room on short notice, there are some great options for last-minute hotel deals. Hotel booking apps that specialize in these types of discounts offer an array of upscale hotels at reduced rates, and the prices are not as steep as you might think. For example, I recently found a stay at the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami for $157 (compared with $259 on the hotel’s website) and a room at the White Barn Inn & Spa in Kennebunkport for $300 (as opposed to $630). Check this

Another way to get great deals is to be flexible about your travel dates. Many hotels have in-demand days — weekends, holidays and other high-demand events — and are willing to offer discounted rooms on those nights. And you can also try a general hotel search engine like Skyscanner, which compares prices across all booking sites to find the best deal.

Top Apps and Websites for Snagging Last-Minute Hotel Deals

Lastly, look for deals that don’t require you to know the name of the hotel until you book. Sites like Priceline’s Express Deals and Snaptravel offer these types of discounts by communicating with travelers via text or social media. This allows them to offer lower prices because they don’t have to disclose the hotel until after a booking has been made.

Finally, it’s important to look for taxes and fees when using these last-minute hotel discount apps and websites. Some apps, such as the popular Hotel Tonight app, do not show the full nightly price on their home page; to see it you have to tap a hotel name to reveal the total cost.

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