Types of Playground Flooring


Playground Flooring

When kids get outside and run around, they need a safe surface to play on. Hard surfaces like concrete and packed dirt can cause serious injuries, but playground rubber flooring is a soft surface that helps to prevent critical falls. It also creates a non-slip surface and inhibits slips on wet patches or slippery areas of the playground. There are several different types of outdoor playground surfacing available on the market, including wet pour rubber flooring, recycled mulch, and rubber tiles. These playground surfacing products must meet fall-height regulations and protect children in case of a hard fall, so it is important to consult with a professional about which product would be best for your community. Read more:https://www.playgroundflooring.org/

Budget-Friendly Playground Flooring Solutions

The most popular new playground surfacing is made of recycled rubber, which offers safety benefits over other traditional surfacing materials. It is a resilient material that resists UV exposure and holds up well in harsh environments. It also has good shock absorption to help reduce impact injuries. Recycled rubber also keeps tires out of landfills and gives them a second life as budget-friendly and durable playground surfacing.

Another popular option is a unitary surface that looks like tile but requires less maintenance than traditional surfaces. These playground surfaces are easy to clean, which is a big benefit for communities that have limited maintenance resources. These surfaces are usually installed on top of a base layer of soil, but they can be laid on concrete or asphalt as well.

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