Wet Pour – The Secret to Safe and Fun Playgrounds


wet pour

Ever wonder how some playgrounds manage to strike the perfect balance between safety and fun? What about that water park where the kids can splash and play without a cacophony of clanging weights? The secret behind these spaces often lies beneath their feet – wet pour.

Wet pour is a seamless rubber surface that’s popular in playgrounds due to its ability to offer enhanced cushioning against falls and reduce injuries. The system is made from a combination of rubber granules and a bonding agent, which are installed on top of an SBR base layer, to create an EPDM-wearing course layer. This is then customizable to your design choices, such as a range of vibrant colours and patterns.

The Ultimate Guide to Wet Pour Safety Surfacing

As a result, wet pour is an ideal material for playgrounds that require complex shapes and designs, or that want to add color and design elements that can’t be achieved with other surfaces such as wood chip, bark mulch or grass. Wet pour is also a durable material that lasts longer than traditional wood chip surfaces.

While there are a few considerations to be aware of, such as the temperature of wet pour (it can get warm under play equipment and in direct sunlight), the long-term benefits of this surface make it an excellent choice for both children’s and adult playgrounds. With little to no maintenance required, it can withstand the weather and a lot of use for years to come.

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