What Is a BPSS Check and Why Is It Necessary?


BPSS check

A BPSS check is the minimum level of screening required by the UK government before anyone can work with its departments. This is a requirement for both employees and contractors who have access to government assets and information. It is also the base for higher levels of national security checks such as the Counter Terrorist Check (CTC) and Security Clearance (SC).

The BPSS check ramework consists of four elements: right to work, identity, criminal record and employment history. Each of these must be checked in detail and passed to ensure that you are employing people who have the right to work in the UK, are who they say they are and can be trusted to handle sensitive government data.

BPSS Check: The Foundation of Trust for Working in Sensitive Roles

Often overlooked, employment history verification is an essential part of the BPSS process. It uncovers many issues that could be a threat to security such as lying on CVs, concealing previous employment or evading redundancy payments. It’s also a key component for identifying nationality, as the majority of roles within the civil service are only open to citizens of the EU, Switzerland and Turkey.

At CV Insight, we can conduct a full BPSS check on your behalf and provide you with a certificate that is compliant with the UK government’s requirements. We understand the importance of speed, accuracy and clarity and can support your business by managing this important and time-consuming element of pre-employment screening. Contact our team to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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